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    Casio G-shock Master Of G Series Fully Controlled Land, Sea And Air New Mudmaster Reloaded Debut Powerful Performance To Conquer The Extreme Continent

    The CASIO G-SHOCK, born for the mighty, conquered the world, and created the MASTER OF G series with the three main axes of land, sea and air. In September 2015, the new powerful function series MUDMASTER GWG- 1000, with the concept of ‘extreme continent’ as a development concept, designed for the extreme onshore environment to withstand bumpy bumps.
       The first built with a new mud-proof structure and equipped with the third generation of three sensors, not only can smoothly operate various functions in the dusty desert or muddy heavy rain, and more accurately grasp the three major positions: altitude, air pressure and temperature Indicators to comprehensively improve the accuracy and convenience of information reading for explorers in harsh environments. The strap is made of comfortable and waterproof rubber material. The imitation canvas strap design adds a handsome and stylish style to adventurers. There are three choices in the whole series: powerful black, military dark green, and eye-catching black and yellow. This kind of extreme environment on land displays a powerful essence and thoroughly shows the powerful charm!
    G-SHOCK MUDMASTER series is built with a new mud-proof structure, dust-proof, impact-resistant, impact-resistant, and challenge various extreme environments on land
       The design of the new MUDMASTER series is inspired by the ‘extreme continent’. It is designed to resist the harsh onshore environment. Fearless dusty desert or muddy rain, it still has outstanding performance in various harsh environments. G-SHOCK GWG-1000 has a new dual mud-proof and dust-proof structure. The buttons have a special air-tight design with mud-proof gaskets and sleeves, which not only effectively prevents the intrusion of fine dust and dirt, but also reduces vibration and shock. The crown is protected by a high air-tight anti-falling screw lock. With the red logo on the crown, the wearer can clearly identify it, ensuring that the 360 ​​° seamless gap between the crown and the case when locked, protects the movement from mud. Sand invasion. In order to meet all the challenges of extreme land, the joint of the movement, the case and the strap is fully filled with α GEL, which perfectly forms a strong anti-vibration structure that is not easy to fall off and impact resistant, and is dust-proof, impact-resistant and impact-resistant Under the protection of GWG-1000, it conquers all the harsh onshore environments.

    G-SHOCK GWG-1000 Adventure World Domination Land Equipped with the third-generation three sensors to accurately grasp the position, altitude / barometric pressure, and temperature information
       The GWG-1000 is equipped with the innovative third-generation three-sensor Triple Sensor Version 3, which not only reduces the module by 95%, is compact, and reduces power consumption by 10%. The height measurement unit is also reduced from 5 meters to 1 meter, and Simultaneously increase the accuracy and speed of azimuth compass measurement, and the performance has been greatly improved, allowing land explorers to grasp the three indicators of azimuth, altitude / barometric pressure and temperature more quickly, lastingly and accurately in the fast-changing nature environment. In the azimuth measurement, in addition to the direction display, the azimuth is displayed more synchronously. In the altitude measurement, 30 pens of altitude data including date and time can be manually recorded. In the barometric measurement, the barometric pressure trend chart and instantaneous barometric pressure warning function are used. Not only assist adventurers in judging the weather changes during mountaineering, but also when the air pressure rises or falls rapidly, a warning sound will be issued to assist in early warning and to respond to sudden changes in the land environment.
    Dual LED lighting, large three-dimensional moments and automatic hiding of pointers make it easy to read without dead space. High-tech six-station radio wave reception and Tough Movement break through the siege for accurate timekeeping.
       Zoom in on the three-dimensional hour at 12, 3, 6, and 9 and the dial incorporates dual LED lighting and luminous paint scales, while illuminating the hands and the digital LCD display at the same time. In addition to reducing the impact of gravity on the hands, the large carbon fiber second hand also allows The information is displayed at a glance in the scratch-resistant and highly transparent sapphire glass. The intimate design of the pointer automatically hides the function. When using the orientation, altitude / air pressure, and temperature measurement functions, the pointer automatically avoids the liquid crystal area below, improving the convenience of reading information. Sex. It also has 6 high-tech world radio wave receiving and Tough Movement movements. It accurately grasps the time in minutes and seconds. When the pointer is shifted due to external force, it can also automatically correct the pointer back to the correct position. Convenient non-slip large buttons and solar power that can be converted into electrical energy with only a weak light source allow outdoor adventure lovers to conveniently operate various functions in various harsh environments and accurately grasp dynamic environmental information.

    & lt; GWG-1000 Main Product Specifications & gt;
    Impact-resistant construction
    Mud proof structure
    Anti-vibration structure
    Water resistant to 200 meters
    Rubber strap
    Dual LED lighting
    Solar Power (Tough Solar)
    Radio wave receiving function: automatic signal receiving (up to 6 times a day, no longer receiving after successful reception;
    Receive signals from China, 5 times a day) / Manual signal reception
    Automatic hand position correction
    Digital compass: 16 azimuth measurement and azimuth display
    Height measurement
    Range: -700 ~ 10,000m (-2,300 ~ 32,800ft.)
    Unit: 1m (5 ft.)
    Manual record of 30 altitude data including date and time, automatic record measurement (including highest / lowest altitude, cumulative ascent / cumulative descending altitude), altitude difference indication
    Others: relative altitude (-3,000 m to 3,000 m), measurement interval setting: 5 seconds or 2 minutes (1 second is only for the first 3 minutes of measurement)
    Barometric pressure measurement
    Range: 260 ~ 1,100 hPa (7.65 ~ 32.45 inHg)
    Unit: 1 hPa (0.05 inHg)
    Barometric pressure indication, barometric trend graph, instant barometric pressure change warning
    Temperature measurement
    Range: -10 ° ~ 60 ° C (14 ° ~ 140 ° F)
    Unit: 0.1 ° C (0.2 ° F)
    World time (29 time zone): daylight saving time (on / off), local time / world time switching
    1/100 second stopwatch
    5 independent alarms
    report punctually
    Automatic calendar
    Power indicator
    Power saving function accuracy: within ± 15 seconds per month (when not receiving radio waves, it is the normal quartz accuracy)
    Estimated battery life:
    In the case that the solar cell does not generate electricity, it can continuously operate after being fully charged:
    When each function works normally: about 6 months
    Under power saving state: about 25 months
    Case dimensions: 5 × 56.1 × 18.0 mm
    Weight: 119g