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    Strong Contrast Between Lacquer Art And Diamond Hermès Heure H Double Jeu

    The Heure H series watch designed by designer Philippe Mouquet in 1996 has always been a long-lasting mark, which is almost equivalent to the symbol of Hermès. The Heure H watch uses the brand letter H as the case shape, and the playful digital configuration on the dial shows a unique style that is not restricted by standards. It has always been resistant to changes over time. It is definitely a good choice for starting a boutique watch One. For more than two decades, Hermès has launched five basic watch sizes for this model, all of which are equipped with quartz movements; except for the oversized model, it is a mechanical movement with automatic winding. The brand’s proud leather naturally becomes one of the decoration of the watch, and a single or double-turn leather strap completes a watch. Philippe Mouquet even in 2006, with a smooth and natural circle, through H-our Round to show the new model ‘successful’ look.

    The new Hour H Double Jeu has a signature H-shaped case profile that is recognizable at a glance

    ‘Have you seen it? Can you still see it? This humorous playful uppercase H is actually playing hide-and-seek …’ The new 2018 Heure H Double Jeu ladies watch, cleverly uses highly recognizable elements of Hermès, as if playing Hide-and-seek, make H disappear with a funny trick, double the highlight of the watch. On the Heure H Double Jeu watch, the diamonds accentuate the capital letter H with its brilliance on the vertically inlaid models. However, on the horizontally inlaid models, the H-shape seems to be integrated with the faceplate, hidden in a brilliant diamond light, as if in a magic trick, creating a time for fun and reinterpretation in 1996. Since the spirit of the Heure H watch. Hermes extracts the uniqueness of time, not only measuring, sorting and driving, but also making the watch an exciting space of joy. Therefore, the Heure H Double Jeu watch can be called the guardian angel of friendliness, long-lasting and happy time.

    The pure white flawless model, with a half body horizontally set with diamonds, breaks through the H-shaped image that has always been vivid, and hides time in the bright light

    In its square world, the Heure H Double Jeu watch displays the contrasting beauty of lacquered texture and shiny diamonds, and its stainless steel case shows the power of opposing aesthetics. Use black or white lacquer to create the two overall design combinations, showing the H shape in a subtle and delicate way. Whether it is set with 122 diamonds on H’s upright strokes, or 93 diamonds horizontally on the bottom half of itself, and combined with 138 diamonds on the face plate, this watch hopes to create a perfect Fun time, let the contrasting hue and brilliance complement each other. The fantastic Double Jeu double game makes H stand out prominently or faintly visible. The white grained or black Barenia calfskin strap is 3mm wider on each side. The single-ring strap design perfectly matches the width of the dial. The H-shaped strap ring also echoes the totem logo design of the watch.

    The upper half of the H-shaped case and the upper dial are painted in black or white, while the lower half is set with 138 diamonds, and the bezel is also embellished with 93 diamonds.

    Under the careful hammer chain of its artisan’s dexterous hands, Hermès has created objects that are compatible with the wearer’s spiritual charm and breath. Containing exquisite and exquisite technology, the illusion is self-explanatory and reveals unexpected lightness and agility. These objects make the ordinary daily life become a wonderful no stage; let every moment that flows quietly becomes a precious time.

    Heure H Double Jeu’s H-shaped strap ring echoes the watch’s totem logo design

    Heure H Double Jeu

    Stainless steel material / quartz movement / hour and minute display / black lacquered dial / 122 diamond-set cases, weighing approximately 0.26 carats / sapphire crystal / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 21x21mm

    Heure H Double Jeu

    Stainless steel material / Quartz movement / Hour and minute display / White lacquered face plate with 138 diamonds on the face plate, weighing about 0.3 carats / 93 diamonds on the case, weighing about 0.2 carats / sapphire crystal / water-resistant 30 meters Table diameter 21x21mm