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    Renewal Of Patek Philippe Chronograph Chronograph White Gold Blue Surface 5172 On The Bat

    PATEK PHILIPPE The chronograph work of Patek Philippe has always been regarded as a dreamy favorite by collectors, especially after the brand developed the first self-made chronograph movement CH 29-535 PS in 2009. The precious value of PP chronograph. This movement was first introduced into male watch 5170 in 2010. After more than 9 years of development, Patek Philippe launched a new work 5172 in 2019, symbolizing the end of the era of 5170. And the rise of the 5172 era, in fact, the movement of the new and old works is still the same, but in appearance, PP has made some fine-tuning to make the entire watch look a little different.

    The original case shape has been modified, including the lugs, the timing button, and even the leather strap material is 5170 different

    Feature one: detailed adjustment of the shell
    At first glance, 5170 and 5172 don’t think they are very different, but if you compare the details one by one, you will find that they are not just the difference in models, but they do have some substantial changes. First of all, in the case part, the previous 5170 was the slender and smooth design. When it was 5172, it was changed to a new design with a slightly thicker and stepped level. In addition, the 5170 timekeeping button used a rectangular design, and 5172 changed It is round, and the top of the handle is also decorated with a so-called staggered pattern, which can also provide some anti-slip effect during operation. The 5172’s crown looks slightly ‘eaten into’ the case, which is a little different from the 5170 crown’s completely outside the case line in the past. Even the alligator strap common to the 5170 will be replaced by dark blue in 2019. The calfskin strap has obvious differences in the texture of the strap alone. One more thing, the diameter of 5172 has also increased from less than 40mm to 41mm.

    The face plate consists of hands, time-marking fonts and parts that add luminous materials. You can smell Patek Philippe’s intention to emphasize its sports watch style.

    Feature two: face plate shuffle
    5172 also maintains the pattern of binocular dials. The small seconds at 9 o’clock and the scoreboard at 3 o’clock. However, this is probably the closest place between 5172 and 5170. The outer edge of 5172 is equipped with a speedometer scale. This is closer to the 5170P of the 2017 version, but retrospective of the earlier 5170, whether it is with a pulsometer scale or without an additional scale, it is a bit different. The 5172 time scale is still Arabic numerals, but the design including the font and the time mark surface filled with luminous materials also has its own personality; the same reason also appears in the pointer part, the original willow needle or arrow needle once again changed to Barton The hands (plus luminous materials) strengthen the watch’s sporty tone, and the diameter of the watch also breaks through the 40mm relationship. This makes 5172 less Sven style, but it starts to feel like a sports watch.

    The workmanship of the movement’s exterior, as far as the S-shaped clutch lever in the timing mechanism is concerned, it needs to be manually chamfered, polished, and processed with side grains to add straight lines. Self-evident

    Feature 3: The chronograph movement produced by the watch king
    5172’s CH 29-535 PS movement not only has six patented technologies in one, it also demonstrates Patek Philippe’s proud watchmaking technology. For example, the movement has a more complex wheel structure, making the 30-minute chronograph dial is In the form of jumping points, the driving gear and gear set of the timing device are integrated together, which saves the tedious process of the watchmaker’s separate assembly, and also allows the control instructions to be transmitted without error. The CH 29-535 PS movement has a total of 269 parts and 33 rubies. The power reserve has 65 hours for nearly 3 days, and it is practical. The Gyromax balance of this movement is improved to four spokes, and the frequency of vibration is increased. To 28,800 vph, which is common in modern watches.

    5172G-001 chronograph

    Platinum material / CH 29-535 PS manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal mirror / water-resistant 30 meters / diameter 41mm / reference price: 510,000 RMB —- ** *