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    Glashütte Casts A New Star In The Future Of Watchmaking

    According to the Watch House, last August the Glasutti brand ushered in 28 young watchmakers who studied at the specially opened Alfred Helwig School. training. Of these 28 people, 14 people need to learn the craft of watchmaking, and the other 4 need to be proficient in production knowledge and skills.

     Today, people are gradually pursuing the spiritual world. More and more people like and love the luxury art of clocks and watches, so this has also promoted the revival of an industry. As a result, watchmakers have become major brands The scrambled citrons can be seen from the data that the future of professionally trained watchmakers is bright.

     Many big brands have taken this seriously, and instead of trying to find scarce watchmaking talents, they are not planning a longer-term plan, which is to train their own professional watchmakers. Among them, the famous German brand Glashütte saw this in a forward-looking perspective and implemented it. In recent years, its impressive achievements can be seen.

     When the watchmaking school was just built, there were only 12 apprentices, but today the size has doubled, showing that the industry’s prospects are still very great.

     Of course, with the increase in the scale of training, the channels for recruiting these apprentices have become more abundant, such as popular channels such as schools from all over Germany. The cities with the most registrations are Hamburg, Rhineland and Baden-Wurttemberg.

     In order to provide the best practical experience for the trainees, all the professional institutions Alfred Helvig use top-level equipment and materials, and the theoretical courses have hired industry authorities for professional explanations. Efforts have been made in the cost of education.

     I believe that in the near future, the apprentices here will definitely be able to become a new generation of watchmaking masters with their own efforts.