Tag Heuer ‘calls’ Porsche For The New Season Of Fe

Recently, TAG Heuer and Porsche have officially launched a long-term cooperation in the field of electric formula racing, becoming the title and official timing partner of the Porsche Formula E team. The Porsche factory team will use the name ‘TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team’ to participate in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship for the 2019/2020 season. TAG Heuer has been a Swiss high-end watchmaking brand since it was founded in 1860. It has always insisted on creating precise timing tools and exquisite watches. In 2011, TAG Heuer launched MIKROTIMER FLYING 1000, the world’s first mechanical chronograph capable of displaying 1/1000 of a second, and won the Best Sports Watch of the Year Award and the Best Concept Watch of the Year Award from SIAR. In 2012, TAG Heuer CARRERA MIKROGIRDER won the highest prize of the Grand Prix of Geneva with the technology accurate to 5/10000 seconds-the ‘Golden Hand’ award. The precise quality has made TAG Heuer’s far-reaching influence in the field of motorsports. As early as the 1970s, TAG Heuer’s TAG Heuer participated in motorsports and cooperated with Jo Siffert. The driver played for Porsche from 1966 to 1971, winning numerous endurance races and contributing to Porsche’s victory in the 1969 World Sportscar Championships. By the 1990s, TAG Heuer became a sponsor of the Porsche Super Cup and continues to appear as a partner in many Porsche Super Cup events. It is worth mentioning that TAG Heuer is designated as the official timer by F1 and has the endorsement of the famous F1 driver Jenson Button. At present, TAG Heuer is actively participating in the three most representative races in the racing world-the Monaco Grand Prix, the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Indy 500. In addition, TAG Heuer also fully integrates racing inspiration in its products. Its famous Calella TAG HEUER CARRERA, Monaco TAGHEUER MONACO and other series have motorsport genes. For Porsche, the track record in motorsport history is remarkable. In the 1980s, Porsche’s Formula 1 race car with TAG-Turbo engine won two consecutive manufacturer championships (1984 and 1985) and three driver championships (1984-1986). Today, the Porsche team will compete in the 2019/2020 FIA Formula E Championship in the name of the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team. In addition to the driver’s proficient skills, Porsche engineers specialize in developing the latest technology for the Formula E race to meet new challenges. Speaking of electrification, Porsche actually entered this field very early. In 2013, Porsche launched the plug-in hybrid super-running 918 Spyder, which is limited to 918 units worldwide. The price in the Chinese market is as high as RMB 13.8888 million. The 918 Spyder is powered by a V8 engine with a displacement of more than 4.0L and a dual electric motor. With a lightweight body and extraordinary performance, the Porsche 918 Spyder conquered the Nurburgring circuit with an amazing result of 6 minutes and 57 seconds. With the development of electrification of cars, Porsche’s first pure electric four-door sports car, the Taycan, is about to debut globally on September 4. The overall appearance of the Taycan is a family design, which is very similar to the Panamera. The Taycan is equipped with a 90kWh battery and has a NEDC operating range of approximately 500km. In terms of performance, the new car is a power system composed of two permanent magnet synchronous motors and batteries, with a total power of more than 440kW, an acceleration time of 0-100km / h less than 3.5 seconds, and an acceleration of 0-200km / h in less than 12 seconds. What’s shocking is that the Porsche Taycan has set a lap record for the all-electric four-door sports car at the Nurburgring Northern Ring. The test driver Carles Kern completed a 20.6km lap in 7 minutes and 42 seconds. In the future, Porsche Taycan will enter the pure electric sports car market with its excellent track performance. For many years, TAG Heuer has been inseparable from motorsport. Long tradition, high precision and technological innovation are the common values ​​of TAG Heuer and Porsche. From the roar of traditional racing cars to the new field of electrification, the cooperation between the two parties in the field of motor sports will continue to usher in new challenges. (Text / Huawei)

An Extremely Rare Rolex Chronograph Appeared

Most of the interesting stories about watch auctions I have seen in recent years come from Phillips, such as Rolex 6062, the last emperor of Vietnam, and Paul Newman, who I wrote My Daytona set an auction record of 118 million yuan, and the reappearance of the famous movie star Marlon Brando’s Rolex … In the current well-known auction house, Fulisi is extremely good at moving watches. People’s hearts-Although clocks are not a big category, they can also be played well. Following the best results of all Asian watch auctions in the spring auction this year (and holding a 100% -sold sports watch special auction, 82 lots sold over HK $ 73 million), the autumn auction ‘Masterpieces: Hong Kong IX’ is set at From November 25th to 26th, the current preview has just left Bangkok and will move to Shanghai. A total of more than 300 watches will be auctioned this time. Rabbits will take everyone to find out in advance. This year’s autumn auction will be divided into two sessions. On the evening of November 25th, the theme of the evening will be ‘FIRST’. There will be more than 50 pieces of timepieces from the original watch owner and their first appearance in the auction. During the day on November 26, there were more than 260 collection timepieces from Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Lange, IWC, Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre, including a very rare Rolex ‘Pre-Daytona’ model 6238. Rabbit is not intended to be limited to similar categories, but to share with you the watches that I find valuable and can be started. Rare collections to admire First of all, the boss is Patek Philippe 5002G (Lot 845). As the predecessor of 6002, this watch was made in 2012 and estimated at 6.2 million to 11 million Hong Kong dollars. In 2001, Patek Philippe took the famous Star Calibre 2000 pocket watch as a blueprint, and released the most complex watch model of the brand at the time, the 5002 Sky Moon Tourbillon. It was also the brand’s first double-sided watch, equipped with 12 complications and astrological dual dials. It is regarded as one of the most important and finest watches in this century. This lot is the first platinum version of the Patek Philippe Astro Tourbillon watch in the open market. It is equipped with a specially designed black dial with a red letter. This combination is likely to be unique. Another special Patek Philippe is the brand’s 175th anniversary limited edition, 5275P-001 platinum triple jumper self-sounding watch (Lot 844). It inherits the barrel-shaped case of the model 3969 issued by the brand’s 150th anniversary. It has triple instantaneous jump-hour, minute, and second functions, and automatically reports the hour at the hour. This watch is very well stored, in its original packaging, and has never been unpacked and worn, with an estimated value of 2.3 million to 3.8 million Hong Kong dollars. The most popular Rolex is still the sports model. Let’s look at a very rare chronograph, ‘Pre-Daytona’ model 6238 (lot 906), 14K yellow gold bracelet watch, with chronograph function, black shiny dial, 1967 system. This is the last chronograph before Rolex’s Daytona, and the last watch with tachymeter scale printed on the dial. After Daytona came out, the tachymeter scale was designed on the bezel, so 6238 is also called ‘Pre-Daytona’. The gold version of the model 6238 is very rare, with a black shiny dial configuration, more precious. At present, only two are known, this one is one of them. The most rare of this 6238 is the 14K gold case and bracelet. At the time, Rolex made this model only for sale in the US market. This watch is estimated at 3.2 million to 5 million Hong Kong dollars. There are also two important chronographs, model 6265 (Lot 853) and 6239 (Lot 852). In all auctions since the establishment of the Félis watch department, only 3 Rolexes with brown ‘Panda Face’ have appeared, and the models are all 6263. This is the first time that there is a ‘Panda Face’ dial with a ‘Tropical’ exterior Ring minute scale of 6265. This 6265 (left) and 6239 (right) are the famous Paul Newman dials, of which 6265 is valued at 2.2 million to 4 million Hong Kong dollars, 6239 is valued at 940,000 to 1.4 million Hong Kong dollars. In addition, this 6239 is a Rolex ‘Cosmograph Dayton’ Take Paul Newman’s best-preserved and rare example, with three light-colored dials on a black background. The original watch owner came from Malaysia, which was the only valuable item he decided to take away in a fire. One more antique water ghost, model 6538 (lot 899). The 6538 and 6200 are called ‘Big Crown’ by watch fans because of the size of the crown, and the number is very small. Below the 6538 dial, most of them are two lines of text ‘200m = 660ft, Submariner’. It is very rare to add a four-line dial of 200m = 660ft, Submariner, Official Certified, Chronometer certified by the Swiss Observatory. This 6538 is about 1956. Over the years, only five Rolex 6538 second-generation diving watches have been publicly recorded. This is the third version with a four-line dial. This watch is estimated at 2.8 million to 5 million Hong Kong dollars. If you have the chance to start your favorite, if the models introduced by rabbits may make many people feel that their wallets are limited, but these carefully selected models may be the ones you missed not long ago, just to have a chance to meet again . Let’s enjoy a group of rare craftsmanship from Patek Philippe. They are model 770/3 pocket watches (made in 1968, estimated at 96 million to 1.92 million Hong Kong dollars, lot 835) and 5089G-069 (estimated at 650,000 to 1 million Hong Kong dollars. Lot 930). Both pieces use enamel technology. This 18K micro-painted enamel pocket watch is from Suzanne Rohr. It is sold by Gu Berlin (left center). 5089G-069 is the work of enamel master Anita Porchet (right). Two popular sports watches are RM11-03 (estimated 780,000 ~ HK $ 1.17 million, lot 882) and Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800/3 (estimated HK $ 230,000 ~ 400,000, lot 990). The material of this RM is 18K rose gold and NTPT graphene carbon fiber, while PP3800 is a 1995 watch with very luxurious works embodying complex craftsmanship. They are GF Coopers GMT (estimated at 1 million to 2 million Hong Kong dollars). , Lot 883) and Athens limited edition Royal Blue Mystery Tourbillon watch (estimated at 1 million to 1.5 million Hong Kong dollars, lot 828). This GF black titanium watch is limited to 22 pieces, number 3 (left), and this piece of Athens is a hollow mysterious design, limited to 99 pieces, this number is 89, and there is a Laurent family from about 2006, rabbits give them Form a team. They are Panerai PAM00636 (estimated at 390,000 to 780,000 Hong Kong dollars, lot 806) and Rolex GMT model 16700 (estimated at 160,000 to 240,000 Hong Kong dollars, lot 1053). The PAM00636 tourbillon is limited to one watch, numbered 1 (left), and this Rolex is limited to 50 pieces, numbered 18, circa 1997 (right). As for this large Lange Datograph Up / Down Lumen model 405.034 (Lot 965) is a limited edition platinum watch with a total of 200 pieces, numbered 91. The watch is very new and made in 2019. Estimated at HK $ 860,000 ~ 1.2 million. Rabbit once heard the reader talk about this watch. It was out of stock when it was decided last year. I did not expect to meet at the auction house so soon. Finally, let’s return to simplicity. Let’s have a Rolex Day Calendar made in 1989, model 18238 (Lot 935), and let’s end. This is the 18K gold version with a special mayenite dial with an estimated value of 120,000 to 200,000 Hong Kong dollars. All the watches mentioned by the rabbit, except Patek Philippe 5275P-001, 5002G-010 and Rolex 6265, others will appear In the preview of Fiesta Shanghai. The exhibits are too rich, and rabbits can only show one or two as much as they can, so interested rabbit fans may wish to see the real thing in person. For us, the fun of the auction house is: First, to appreciate the works with legends and stories in the history of watches and clocks, the real beauty is free; second, those hearts that we passed by in the past may have a chance to renew have. Over the years, I’ve often wondered what gave watches and clocks value, and why Félis started to tell memorable stories from Paul Newman Daytona. In fact, it is precisely because it is the emotions that strike us in the end (thinking of a previous predecessor), but not others. The preview will be held on October 25th and 26th, at the Capella Hotel Shanghai. Welcome all rabbit fans to check it out. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!