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    Swiss Radar Watch Beijing Huarui Watches Wangfujing Flagship Store Officially Opened

    On the afternoon of June 7, 2013, Beijing time, the Swiss Radar Watch Beijing Huarui Watch Wangfujing Flagship Store, which is located in Beijing’s most intensive watch business district, held a grand opening ceremony. Although it has been raining in Beijing in recent days, this has not affected the lively atmosphere of the entire opening ceremony. Watch House is also the only online media invited to attend this event. For details, please read the full text.

     The official start time of the event was four o’clock in the afternoon, but it is only three o’clock now. The entire event venue has been surrounded by the crowd on the inside and the outside.

     At the entrance of the activity area, Radar arranged a media sign-in desk. At the same time, after each sign-in, each media will receive a small gift prepared by the brand.

     Although the entire event venue is small, it is mainly divided into two areas. The VIP area on the left side and the media area on the right side can be said to be organized.

     The style of the entire stage is also in line with the shape of the latest Hao Xing series of radar watches, and the watch on the back is also one of the Hao Xing series.

     Of course, the protagonist of this event is the radar watch. However, only four were placed outside the field, and the number was indeed small.

     Throughout the event, the brand carefully provided exquisite desserts and various beverages to all the guests present, which can be described as extremely considerate care.

     The camera for video recording has already been prepared, and the battle is obvious!

     After the opening dance of a hot watch show, the opening ceremony of Swiss Radar Watch Beijing Huarui Watches Wangfujing Flagship Store officially began.

     After the host delivered the opening speech, the first person to take the stage was Mr. Michael Wan Wanfei, Vice President of Swiss Rado China. He expressed his sincere gratitude to all the guests who attended the event on the same day, and also introduced everyone Many achievements of radar watches have been created since they came to China.

        Next is a set of wonderful model watch show time. The smart design style of the radar watch and the model’s match on the day are completely integrated, very eye-catching.

     The style of the entire store is mainly concise, highlighting the concept that watches are the real protagonists. Of course, the number and series of watches in the store are still very complete.

     The store is a two-story design, so walk up the stairs along the white staircase, and the glass cabinet on the right hand side is also a stepped display of various radar models.

     The second floor is mainly responsible for the after-sales and maintenance of the watch. From Wan Zhifei’s mouth, we also learned that radar will increase the attention and intensity of after-sales in the future. This is not only a strict requirement for the brand itself, but also for the brand. Consumers are serious and responsible.

     After finishing all the links, the opening ceremony of the Swiss radar watch Beijing Huarui Watches Wangfujing Flagship Store has also come to a successful conclusion. I hope that all my watchmates can personally walk into the store and feel the radar watch brings you ‘Loving and comfortable’, we also sincerely wish that radar watches can do better and better in the future Chinese market!

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    Celebrating The First Anniversary Of The 2018 World Cup Countdown Hublot Launches The New Big Bang Watch

    On June 16, 2017, in the center of Moscow, Hublot opened a brand new boutique in the historic metropolis. It is not a coincidence that this precise moment was chosen. This moment is exactly one year from the opening of the FIFA World Cup and only one day from the start of the FIFA Confederations Cup (June 17, July 2). Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe, FIFA Chief Commercial Officer Philippe Le Floc’h and World Cup record holder Bailey attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Red Square, demonstrating Hublot’s firm commitment to football .

       With the status of the ‘Official Watch’ of the 2018 World Cup, the ‘Official Timekeeper’ of the 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2018 World Cup, and the fourth official board and the Big Bang watch (providing eight national team symbol colors Strap), Hublot announced the brand’s dominance in the field of timekeeping and football.

       The new Metropolis boutique covers an area of ​​nearly 120 square meters. Hublot brings together friends of the brand to celebrate the 12-month countdown to the opening of the next World Cup. With the Hublot celebration, there is also the ball king Bailey. At just 17 years old, Bailey scored 6 goals in the World Cup and won the championship. He is an unparalleled world champion and the only player to win three World Cup titles so far.

       From now on, and even more than a year from now, the eyes of the football world will focus on Russia. Now that a planetary football has risen on the field, Hublot will always provide it with time. After the World Cup in South Africa and the World Cup in Brazil, this is the third time that Hublot has had the honor to participate in the world’s most popular sports event. From June 14 to July 15, 2018, Russia will host the 21st World Cup. But before that, the 2017 Confederations Cup will start at 6 pm on June 17, 2017.

       As the official timing of the 2017 Confederations Cup, Hublot launches the iconic Big Bang watch, equipped with a unique replaceable strap, with the symbolic color of the participating national team, to pay tribute to the eight national teams competing for the stadium. During the game, the patented ‘one-click’ quick-release strap system also allowed fans to support their favorite team.

       The new Big Bang watch is equipped with the iconic homemade movement, which is assembled from 330 parts, equipped with column wheels, can be wound automatically in both directions, and has a flyback timing function. On the field, Hublot will dominate the progress of the game, displaying the timing, stoppage time and player replacement information through the fourth official board of the Big Bang style.

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    A Guy Named Unknown World Explorer On His Wrist

    Most of the yearning for spacecraft in childhood originated from the desire for the unknown world, which is always so beautiful and desirable. These were once the hottest topics when we were in elementary school, and boys often bickered. In fact, it is still the same when growing up. UFO researchers always try to get in touch with intelligent creatures outside the earth, and divers are always exploring the wonderful underwater world and the mysterious shipwreck. We ordinary people ca n’t be in a hurry. It’s ok to wear a piece of URWERK UR-103 series or Van Cleef & Arpels’ Les Voyages Extraordinaires series to comfort ourselves. Actually, what we are trying is another way to realize our dream.
    Van Cleef & Arpels Les Voyages Extraordinaires Watch
    童 A childlike watch, you can say that it is an escape from growth, or you can say that it is an effort to resist growing up. Perhaps this is actually a simple and beautiful memory and memory of childhood? In the eyes of a child, an ordinary sight or thing, through imagination and association, will become a beautiful and strange thing. If you want to use ‘children’s fun’ in product design, you must be good at observing, imagining and thinking, and let the fun of childhood return to it. And this kind of return and return is not only a return of emotional ‘childlikeness’, but also a return of ‘childlikeness’ in personality.
    Childlike watches often use generalization, simplification, and even abstract styles. They use exaggeration, deformation, metaphor, symbolism and other methods to enhance the personality and playfulness of watch products through anthropomorphic, bionic, and cartoon images. Designers generally believe that childlike design should not be spread over a large area, so as not to be counterproductive. In watch products, the childlike heart is more reflected in the design concept and details, even if it is just a small embellishment, it can inadvertently reflect the childlike taste.