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    Classic Watches Vacheron Constantin Inherits The Traditional Small Three Needles Of The Past And Present

    Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) is one of the top Swiss watch brands with a history of more than 250 years. For more than two centuries, it has been adhering to the oldest and most authentic watchmaking tradition given to this Swiss watch in Geneva. Therefore, whether it is Vacheron Constantin two hundred years ago or today’s continuous technical innovation, their There is no change in taste; it is like an opera. Whoever sings and how they sing must be the taste of opera. Art knows no borders; Vacheron Constantin said that watchmaking also has no borders!
    Previous life

     All along, Patrimony’s heritage series is Vacheron Constantin’s most famous series, and it is also the favorite of collectors. Because it combines the unique essence, outstanding tradition and superb craftsmanship that Vacheron Constantin has carefully cultivated for more than 250 years, and at the same time symbolizes perfection and elegance, which is the true meaning of Vacheron Constantin’s recognized brand connotation. With its unique round case and timeless classic design, this series completely inherits the purest tradition of fine watchmaking.

    The Patrimony Traditionnelle series we are talking about today was born in 2007, and its design inspiration is inspired by the aesthetic characteristics of Vacheron Constantin’s exquisite classic watch styles. It not only maintains the brand’s pure tradition and solid quality, but also conveys the brand’s precious values. In addition, this series is not only equipped with ordinary mechanical movements with small seconds, but also with highly complex movements. Vacheron Constantin’s designers, watchmakers and professional staff try to interpret the essence of Vacheron Constantin through this series.

     In the 19th century, under the long-term threat of counterfeit watch products, the Swiss watchmaking industry launched the ‘Hallmark of Geneva’ certification program. Today, the mark has become the supreme concept of watchmaking and is the ultimate A symbol of perfect clockwork. This mark may be one of the oldest certification marks in the industry. It was officially recognized in law in 1886. It is not only a label of Swiss origin, but also a special guarantee of excellent quality.

    Although the Geneva mark was widely recognized in the high-end watch industry at the time, not every watchmaking company was eligible to join this exclusive group of only a few watchmakers. The Geneva Seal is based on 12 relevant guidelines and has been continuously revised to meet changes in the watchmaking industry. Only a movement that fully complies with these standards can get this mark. Not only that, the Geneva Seal is only awarded to movements assembled and commissioned locally in Geneva, Switzerland, and the watchmaker’s headquarters must be located locally. Therefore, there are only a handful of manufacturers that can put the ‘Geneva mark’ on their top watch series, and Vacheron Constantin is naturally one of them.

     In fact, the seven members of the “Geneva Seal” committee, an independent body responsible for continuously increasing its certification value, are individually appointed by the City of Geneva for a four-year term. The composition of each certified movement component ranges from as few as 100 to as many as 800, depending on the specific model, but it must first be approved by the committee. Only after all components have been approved can the assembly and commissioning of the movement be carried out for a series of final tests. Finally, the watches that passed all tests were engraved with the ‘Geneva Mark’ on their movement splint.

     Bezel with smooth and slightly oblique angle; sapphire crystal caseback with pits; polished trapezoidal hour markers; dauphine hands; silver dial with orbiting ring; simple and smooth lines Clear case and crown; it is these little bit of iconic features that show the rich modern flavor of Patrimony Traditionnelle series, and also reveals Vacheron Constantin’s loyalty to the tradition, but no lack of modern brand characteristics. This Traditionnelle watch is 38 mm in size. While following the true horological tradition, it is like a hymn dedicated to Vacheron Constantin from the 1930s to the 1950s. The ratio of pure lines to harmony highlights its most important classic aesthetic features. The 18K red gold case of this watch, through the sapphire crystal case back, you can enjoy the beautiful decorative treatment of the movement, but also interpret the original watchmaking tradition of Vacheron Constantin. Because this watch has both technical characteristics and aesthetic qualities, it can become a standard for measuring classic high-end watches.

     This watch is equipped with Vacheron Constantin’s new 4400 manual winding movement (more aggressive than 1400), which was independently designed and produced by Vacheron Constantin’s R & D department in Joux Valley. Although this movement only uses a single barrel, we can see that this barrel is very large, occupying almost a third of the entire movement, so its maximum power reserve has reached an astonishing 65. Hours, which is not only more practical, the key is to extend the time of close contact with it (the time for the chain will be longer).

     The 4400 movement not only adhering to Vacheron Constantin’s unique decorative processing technology, it has always maintained a low-key, rustic style in appearance, and is engraved with the prestigious Geneva mark. It not only follows the purest traditions of haute horlogerie, but also uses modern cutting-edge watchmaking techniques. In order to particularly fit the size of the modern case, the movement diameter reaches 28.5 mm (everyone likes thin skin and large filling). Vacheron Constantin’s designers and watchmakers can say that this size has been used to the extreme, achieving technical and aesthetic Perfect fusion.

     The movement fully complies with the 12 standards of the Geneva Seal and meets even higher requirements for decoration and finishing. For Vacheron Constantin’s tradition, the main substrate, plywood and other major components must be surface-decorated by hand. It is these high-quality hand-decorations that have become an important part of Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking philosophy.
    this life

      Just a while ago, this Patrimony Traditionnelle small seconds watch released its 950 platinum version. We must not think that it is simply a case change. The most important thing is that this watch fully meets the latest standards of the Geneva Seal. Its guidelines are no longer limited to the requirements of the movement, but must also consider the decoration and the whole of the watch (such as the matching and production standards of the case, lugs, bezel, bracelet, and even the buckle). This is a major change made by the Mark of Geneva to celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2011 in an effort to satisfy the increasingly demanding distinguished guests.

     The platinum version can be said to have sublimated the aesthetic standards of the series to another level, while adhering to the tradition of real high-end watches, it also shows a minimalist taste. The dial adopts a very modern dark blue gray. If not, No one would think that its material is platinum, which is extremely low-key. The hour scale and hands are made of 18K gold, and the minute track scale circle in black and white creates a pleasing and rhythmic visual effect.

     There is no change in the movement. It is still the classic 4400 manual winding movement. Unlike the previous one, the Geneva imprint is not only on the movement, but also on the case back. In order to highlight the dignity of this watch, Vacheron Constantin specially equipped it with a black Mississippi double-sided crocodile leather strap and a 950 platinum pin buckle, which can be described as platinum to teeth.
    Summary: The appearance of the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle watch continues the simple and low-key style of the series. Although the movement is not complicatedly carved, the grinding and chamfering are fully in line. The strict standards of the Geneva mark also show us the watchmaking attitude of Vacheron Constantin. Whether in platinum or red gold, this watch can be easily adapted to various formal occasions.

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    Lorenzo Chases Jerez Hatrick

    One hour after leading the MotoGP Spanish Grand Prix qualifying session this afternoon, Qatar champion Lorenzo chased his third consecutive MotoGPTM victory from pole position in Jerez. Ten years ago, 15-year-old Lorenzo made his Grand Prix debut at the Jerez circuit and has won four times since then for 26 consecutive years.

       The Yamaha rider from Spain received his pole-set Tissot T-TOUCH expert watch from Annja Magee, Tissot International Deputy General Manager of Communications and Communications, after a qualified meeting, held in dry conditions despite the constant threat of heavy rain. He joined the front grid with 27 laps. Tomorrow (Sunday), Spain’s Honda driver Pedrosa and Tissot Ambassador, Hayden USA will ride the third fastest Ducati. Hayden finished third in the game, trailing Lorenzo and Pedrosa last year.

      Mark Marquez won the Qatar Moto2TM’s race and Lorenzo’s similar style, after leading the dry Moto2 qualified, struggled with the meeting of the Japanese teenager Takaaki Nakagami and the battle of Espargaro Bol. Watching Tissot Ambassador Tom Luthi at least started to challenge in the front row but crashed without injury, and qualified from fourth place after starting from the second row. Marquez was awarded the 22nd shot of his short grand prix career and also includes the 125ml world champion in 2010 with his Tissot T-RACE watch.

      Sixteen-year-old Alex Rins was just his first Moto3TM pole position in his second Grand Prix. After he received, his Tissot racing touch watch accessory bald tire gambled on the dry track. The current 125 CC Spanish champion joins front row Qatar pole setter Sandro Cortese and Portuguese teenager Miguel Oliveira.

    Basic profile

      This is a shot of 46 for his careerIt is his MotoGP 20 125 CC classesThe Spaniard has 23 250ml and 3 won the last two yearsHe’s MotoGP match in Jerez and also won two 250ml matches in Jerez In 2006 and 2007The former MotoGP world champion made his grand prix in the 125ml race, motorcycle pole ten years 2002The Yamaha driver qualification, in 2008 and 2009, 250 CC pole in 2006 and 2007 The rider won the opening two-wheel motorcycle at the Jerez World Championship in the modern four-stroke era. Lorenzo wins first round in Qatar

    Mark Marques
      This is his grand prix careerHe 22 shots won 125 ccThe first 125 ml world championship in Moto2 8 and 14 only completed one grand prix in Jerez-125 CC raceNo driver in 2009 won the opening round of Moto2 World Championship

    Alex Rins
      The 16-year-old Spaniard is in his first pole position, just his second Grand Prix raceThe Jerez pole setter is the current Spanish 125 CC champion and he is the third youngest driver in the history of this sport Pole position behind Marco Melandri and Mark Marques

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    This New Product From Chopard Is A Bit Interesting

    The number of participating brands at the Basel Watch Fair this year has decreased, but it still cannot stop our enthusiasm for watching new watches. As one of the brands that everyone pays close attention to, Chopard also brought some new masterpieces this time. Among the released products, there are two sincere works, which are worth talking about both in terms of production technology and shape.

    A qualitative leap in technology

    Chopard L.U.C Flying T Twin
    It is said that it is not wrong to buy Chopard watches for the L.U.C series. The watch design of this series is characterized by classics, which are extremely outstanding in craftsmanship and quality. In addition, the watch equipped with the L.U.C 96 movement is what everyone calls the brand’s most classic and advanced work. This year, Chopard has brought another heavy product to the L.U.C series: the L.U.C Flying T Twin watch.

    Flying tourbillon detail
    The LUC 96 movement is widely regarded as the benchmark for the beauty of traditional watchmaking. The 96.24-L movement in the new watch is the same as the revolutionary Chopard movement 96.01-L. The 3.30mm, 22K gold engraved micro-rotor automatic winding also retains the basic characteristics of the prototype movement. Although it is miniature, it can achieve high-efficiency two-way winding function, and it will not be higher than the level of the splint bridge. Regardless of the structure and polishing of the entire movement, it is extremely exquisite.

    Flying tourbillon detail
    Of course, this is not the point. The flying tourbillon in the large-diameter window at 6 o’clock on the new watch is the heaviest design of the entire watch. This is a watch equipped with Chopard’s first flying tourbillon, which can be said to be a leapfrog technological improvement. Everyone knows that the meaning and beauty of flying tourbillons in the history of watchmaking is unmatched to this day, and everyone is fascinated by the extreme lightness of its structure and attitude. The flying tourbillon of this watch does not have an upper bracket, but is fixed below. The exciting mechanical operation of the movement has a panoramic view.

    Chopard L.U.C Flying T Twin
    Speaking of battery life, this watch is powered by Chopard’s patented ‘Twin’ dual barrel. This technology aims to reshape the mechanical structure of the 65-hour power of the dual barrel in order to obtain efficient power distribution. . The 65-hour power reserve is very good for an ultra-thin movement.

    Chopard L.U.C Flying T Twin
    From the appearance point of view, its design inspiration comes from an L.U.C XPS 1860 military watch launched in 2017. The difference is that this color is more luxurious and exquisite. The dial in gold is decorated with hand-guilloche motifs, the hour circle is decorated with snail motifs, and the central carving is embellished with a honeycomb pattern.

    Chopard L.U.C Flying T Twin
    With a dial size of 40 mm and a case thickness of 7.2 mm, the ultra-thin shape and classic dial are classic-looking and extremely versatile. The case’s 18K rose gold, which is ‘fair mining’ certified, stands in stark contrast to the charcoal grey stern dial. This watch is entirely developed, manufactured and assembled by Chopard. It also has the Poinçon de Genève and is limited to 50 pieces worldwide. No matter from a technical or artistic point of view, the new L.U.C Flying T Twin is one of the watches in the L.U.C series that is worth collecting.

    New in style

    Chopard Happy Sport watch designed in 1993
    For women’s watches, Chopard has released a new Happy Sport Oval watch. In fact, the Happy Sport series has been well received since its inception. In 1993, Chopard combined stainless steel and diamond. Two seemingly different materials, but they just collided with a unique temperament. As a sports watch, the Happy Sport series of watches combines smooth and clean lines with feminine diamonds, which are clean and sharp, yet elegant and agile.

    Chopard Happy Sport Oval
    This new watch is equipped with the first bracelet used when the first watch of the Happy Sport series came out in 1993. Compared with the old bracelet, the round link of this bracelet is interlocked and the metal bracelet is The material is as soft and elastic as a knitted fabric, which perfectly matches the curvature of the wrist and is more delicate. As can be seen from the design of the bracelet, the best of the Happy Sport series is to play the seeming contradiction to the extreme.

    Chopard Happy Sport Oval
    At the same time, coincident with the 25th anniversary of the Happy Sport watch, the oval shape proportions of the new Happy Sport Oval watch have also been adjusted. The new oval design is lighter and more harmonious, in line with modern visual aesthetics.

    Chopard 09.01-C automatic mechanical movement
    Of course, the watch also inherits the iconic active diamonds of the Happy Diamonds series, with seven brilliant-cut diamonds twirling between two layers of sapphire glass. Inside the case, is equipped with a 09.01-C self-winding mechanical movement developed and manufactured by the watch factory. This movement is specially developed for the case of a 30 mm diameter women’s watch, which can be detailed and justified. Glamorous woman wearing Happy Sport watch. The new Happy Sport Oval watch is available in 18K rose gold and stainless steel with diamond bezel.

    The Chopard L.U.C Flying T Twin watch is equipped with the brand’s first flying tourbillon movement, showing Chopard’s ultimate pursuit of craftsmanship. The Happy Sport Oval watch is full of sporty atmosphere without losing its sophisticated design. It is the brand’s reinterpretation of its unique perspective on balancing fashion style and elegant style. I believe Chopard will bring more surprises.