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    Breaking Through The Dream Of Self-fulfilling Watch

    From December 17, 1903, the Orville and Wilbur Wright brothers in the United States reported the number of times manually during the first flight. By June 19, 2013, Wang Yaping wore a female space watch. Space classes at Tiangong No. 1 spanned more than a century. The human pursuit of precise timing has promoted a wave of ‘flying sky’ in the watch industry. Many brands have launched pilot series watches to make their watches fly higher and higher! Many things may change while the hands are ticking, but human yearning for the unknown sky and the desire for freedom to fly have remained unchanged forever. What are you waiting for? Choose a Pilot’s Watch and fulfill your ‘flying sky’ dream in your heart!

    Inventory of classic flight ‘table’

    Swiss watches are world-renowned for their high quality. The main purpose of many Chinese consumers traveling in Switzerland is to sweep away the watches there. Although the words must say that Switzerland seems a bit blind, but when it comes to flying watches, Swiss watches are still the main force in the ranks of top flying watches.

    In 1936, the first “IWC Special Flying Watch” created by IWC became a model for professional flying watches in the future. It has an extremely readable dial, a hard glass mirror, an anti-magnetic escapement system, and a rotating bezel with an arrow indicator. It meets the needs of pilots and crew, and is extremely durable and reliable. In June of this year, IWC launched three new special edition watches in specialty stores, further expanding its popular pilot series.

    Flight watches are inseparable from the aviation industry. Zenith was one of the first manufacturers of aircraft instruments. After the baptism of time, Zenith’s watch perfectly interprets the grand ambition of inspiring pilots to fight in the sky and soar the sky. This instrument has been installed on the dashboard of many aircraft since 1938, including French Air Force training aircraft. This year, Zenith’s six new Pilot Series “TYPE 20 Aircraft” watches are a tribute to an outstanding legendary pilot, the Red Baron, which has won aviation manufacturers and professionals for its ruggedness, reliability and accuracy. Praise.

    表 Breitling is known as the ‘Aeronautical Computer’. With its precise and reliable precision instruments, it has witnessed countless glorious moments in the long journey of human conquest of the sky. In 1952, the legendary Breitling Navitimer was born. Equipped with a circular flight slider, this watch can easily and quickly complete all calculations related to flight, and has been sought after by pilots and aviation enthusiasts since its release. So far it has been continuously produced for 60 years, becoming one of the world’s oldest mechanical chronographs in production.

    Domestic products ‘good’

    Not long ago, Shenzhou 10 successfully took off. Female astronaut Wang Yaping wore a female space watch to teach space at Tiangong 1. The watch worn on the wrist of her and two other astronauts was flown by a domestic watch brand. Yada provided.

    Shenzhen Fiyta (Group) Co., Ltd., established in 1987, is a listed company in the watch industry. The space watch developed by Fiyta has been used in space for three times as a space timing device, and has successfully ranked among the world’s three major space watch brands Column. In 2003, China’s first manned spacecraft “Shenzhou V” successfully traveled and returned to space. Yang Liwei was wearing the Fiyta Extreme Series space watch. In 2005, the Fiyta Extreme Series space watch accompanied the ‘Shenzhou VI’ astronauts to achieve a space flight of 115 hours and 32 minutes with a distance of about 3.25 million kilometers. In 2008, the extreme series of space watch ‘Skywalker’, as an auxiliary timing equipment, was worn outside the space suit, completely exposed to outer space, withstands momentary environmental changes, and helped the astronauts complete China’s first space walk. This watch is equipped with a complex mechanical movement independently developed by Fiyta, and has powerful anti-magnetic and shock-proof functions. It is the harsh environment of space that has tested Fiyta’s outstanding design and superb manufacturing, driving it to continue to innovate.

    2013 marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of Shenzhou V. Fiyta released the aerospace series ‘Shenzhou Ten Commemorative’ watch, which is still equipped with the tried and tested Fiyta complex chronograph mechanical movement. As an auxiliary timing device on the wrist, its excellent performance can accurately and conveniently accompany astronauts to complete complex flight and orbiting difficult operations. In addition, the waterproof depth is increased to 100 meters, which is 40 meters beyond the similar flight watch. This year is also the 21st anniversary of China’s manned spaceflight project. Fiyta, which has been providing professional watches for Chinese astronauts, has launched the “21st anniversary of China’s manned spaceflight project”, a collector’s watch. The spacecraft witnesses the dream of the era.