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    Sun Honglei Helps Citizen Limited Watch Dome Release

    General Manager of Citizen (China) Watch & Clock Co., Ltd. Ryufu Sugawa and Sun Honglei jointly release the world’s limited edition watch DOME
    On December 8, Citizen, a world-renowned watch brand, held a press conference on the theme of ‘Time ■ Technology’ at Sanlitun Village, a landmark in Beijing. The Citizen Global Limited Edition Eco-Drive DOME, a grand debut, exploded the audience with its futuristic and innovative design. Many senior citizens of Citizen attended the event and witnessed this glorious moment with the guests. At the event, the mysterious appearance of the hot and popular superstar Sun Honglei and Qian Qiantianhou, the famous singer A Duo, made the atmosphere instantly boiling.
    A section of Chinese dance full of Chinese charm kicked off the event. Calligraphy, a traditional gem of the Chinese nation, was used to write and innovate, perfectly interpreting the brand spirit of Citizen’s continuous innovation in the past century. As the general manager of Citizen China, Mr. Ryufu Sugawa and Sun Honglei jointly embedded the energy key in the launch pad, the futuristic three-dimensional dome shape of the Citizen Global Limited Edition watch Eco-Drive DOME was immediately displayed in front of everyone. Then it lights up and looks like a giant dial against the entire stage. DOME perfectly interpreted Citizen’s ‘fusion of technology and beauty’ product concept with its extraordinary innovative design, and won unanimous praise from the guests. Sun Honglei, who has just won the movie star award, said that he has always appreciated Citizen watches that take into account both leading technology and perfect design, and said with a smile that the appearance of DOME has made him experience the wonderful feeling of passing time.
    Sun Honglei speaks at Citizen event
    2010 marks the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Citizen Timepieces Co., Ltd. and the 15th year of Citizen’s official launch of the Eco-Drive watch. Since the 1970s, Citizen has been committed to the research and development of light kinetic energy technology. Through continuous innovation, it has overcome various technical problems such as dial light absorption, energy storage, and power saving. The exquisite and stylish appearance design perfectly integrates the solar-powered movement’s watchmaking concept. At the Baselworld 2009, the three concept watches exhibited by Citizen, including Eco-Drive DOME, shocked the audience with their innovative designs that can only be achieved by relying on kinetic energy technology. Only one year later, DOME broke through multiple technical problems and successfully mass-produced and launched. Its unique dome-shaped multi-layer dial can maximize the absorption of light and store energy, which truly realizes the concept of wearing light energy to the body. . The successful mass production of DOME once again announced to the world the infinite possibilities of light kinetic energy. At the same time, it also marks a solid step in the continuous challenge and courageous innovation of Citizen.
    Following the debut of DOME, the award ceremony for the C-thousands of talents of the day also impressed the guests. The C group, as the new force to promote social progress, they are brave in innovation, dare to challenge, and enthusiastic about public welfare. They coincide with Citizen’s never-ending innovation spirit and the brand concept of constantly challenging the future. In order to convey the brand spirit to the public in a more visual way, Citizen has organized a C-Class Talent List event, which aims to inspire the C-spirit of the Creativity, Challenge, and Commonweal by showing the colorful life experiences of the C-Class. After a netizen vote and professional judges’ comments, dinosaur expert Xing Lida, human photographer Hong Xing, and mainland China’s first folk bone marrow bank promoter Liu Zhengchen stood out among the 12 candidates with their personal experience and social influence in their respective fields. , Won three awards and won 10,000 yuan C family fund. The public welfare award winner Liu Zhengchen also said that he would use the C family fund to treat a Tibetan teenager with leukemia, so that the spirit of the C family would be transmitted forever.
    2010 has unique significance for Citizen. 80 years ago, Citizen Timepiece Co., Ltd. was established and is committed to providing high-end products and high-level services to all citizens around the world. Since its establishment, Citizen has never stopped innovating. This spirit of challenge and transcendence has also made Citizen the world’s leading watch manufacturer. In the future, as Mr. Nakai, Chairman of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd. said at the press conference, ‘Citizen will continue to provide people with comfortable, joyful and passionate services with leading technology, innovative products and forward-looking services. Time to enjoy. ‘