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    Chanel J12 Retrograde Watch

    In 2010, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the CHANEL J12 watch, CHANEL launched a new design that subverts the past on the complex performance watch. For this more perfect round watch, CHANEL found the team of top sophisticated and sophisticated watches — the Giulio Papi team at APRP (Audemars Piguet Renaud Papi), and gave them this round watch without a crown. J12 Rétrograde Mystérieuse-This is the first time in the world that combines three complex features: tourbillon, retrograde minute hand 300 degrees (ten minutes), adjustable crown (projecting on the surface The crown); let the superb technology be willing to admire the aesthetics of the downside, from the core of watchmaking technology, create a new era for CHANEL.

     For a perfect circle, move the crown to have a crown protruding from the surface; and this protruding crown allows the original operation of the previous watch to be dismantled. J12 Rétrograde Mystérieuse of mysterious retrograde The watch redefines it all. This perfect circle must use a newly developed tourbillon movement. One can not only work around the dial, but also reverse it when the dial minute hand runs to meet the crown.

     It may be simple to design, but the process is not easy! The retrograde hand with the digital display window of the minute number is an innovation of watchmaking technology. Pushing the straight crown into the dial and pressing the crystal or ‘release’ the handle with your fingertips is also an unprecedented idea.

     Guilio Papi, a well-known creator of sophisticated watch designs, accepted this challenge: ‘Remove the crown! Why not put the crown on the dial?’ This unprecedented idea and design! What has not been done does not mean that it is not feasible, especially the cooperation between CHANEL and Giulio Papi team can even challenge the difficult task and set a new milestone for CHANEL watches.

     Guilio Papi’s team really lives up to its technical capabilities. This J12 Rétrograde Mystérieuse mysterious retrograde watch not only follows the style and philosophy of the CHANEL brand, but also an extreme complex performance table; on the technical level, it makes a retrograde pointer device that has never been tried; aesthetically, it Presentation of superb design. At the same time, it contains three complex performances, which can be said to be a wonderful event for watch making; and these ten minutes also marked an important milestone for the tenth year of CHANEL J12.

     CHANEL’s first complex watch J12 tourbillon was launched in 2005; then in 2008, Calibre 3125 was used (in collaboration with Audemars Piguet to develop an innovative ceramic automatic reel), thus opening up CHANEL Title page of a watch. In 2010, how to design a complex performance that can show the J12 model? How to translate the idea of ​​this perfect circular complex performance watch into a real product? How to combine the tradition of the CHANEL brand with the tradition of Swiss micromechanics?